Fun experiences

Before I had a bucket list, these are some things I'm proud to have crossed off from it.

Early on, computer engineering for the Department of Justice in Washington.

Spending a year in the jungle on the Thai-Burma border in a mosquito net eating dwarf bananas and pumpkin curry, occupying the post of Village Science Teacher for indigenous hill tribe refugees and armed insurgents. Writing a book about it. Getting a taste for human rights work, ethnopoetics, and the romantic side of primitive conditions (warm rain bathing, flip-flop trekking, patience).

Creating the very first human rights website (predating Amnesty Int'l) in 1994. Receiving several grants from the Open Society Institute, George Soros Foundation, to continue the work incorporating stories, transcripts of human rights abuses, songs I recorded them singing, and plenty of photos; all arranged to educate the west about the plight of the indigenous communities, and larger Burmese community living under the military dictatorship.

Having a blast creating Virtual Vegas, a Santa Monica based game company, and one of the first "start-ups." While CTO we transitioned into the first online and interactive TV entertainment company, and truly the premier internet entertainment destination of the day.

Returning to human rights to work with Soros. Traveling extensively in Europe, Southeast and South Asia monitoring grants, expanding the network of NGOs by arranging classroom sessions in the jungle, and private tutorials (The Prime Minister of Burma (while in exile), DEA agents) in encryption and steganography.

Creating one of the first online community servers incorporating web portlets, NNTP threaded discussion, POP3, and clandestine SMTP servers to bypass junta monitored ISPs. This online community served to unite many of these disparate groups, all working toward putting an end to the military dictatorship. To that end, we succeeded. Now the hard part begins.

A few friends and I created CyberJava, the first café on the west coast with internet access, providing the public with their very first exposure to the internet, many going on to create start-ups. (You can visit CyberJava on the Avenue of the Stars (between Carlos Santana and John Lee Hooker, God rest his soul) in Hollywood.)

Writing and launching the first social network, in ColdFusion in 1999 (predating Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc).

Building Callbox Inc, the largest offshore marketing and lead generation company in the world, employing 700 awesome graduates, with my friend and partner Rom Agustin who runs the company.

Receiving the pioneer patent for inventing the VR phone, as well as a dozen more issued or pending in the field of social VR and audial augmented reality.

As of 2016 I split my time with my team building the first floating voice phone service (and it works with your mobile phone:), and with Microkarma, my team that's disrupting the wasteful legacy enterprise charity club with trustless P2P aid deployment using a smart contract architecture that enables you to create a school for 270 USD anywhere in the world, guaranteed.

I live in Tokyo with my wife Yoko who owns, and Creatively Directs Furyoku, Inc. The Moon Animals you see in the big department stores in Japan all come from Yoko.

I like Aeropressing, noots, Beyer Dynamics, reading and writing short poems and pithy translations of ethnopoetics, found objects, fine art with text in it, and things that are not true but could be more than things that are but shouldn’t. On the guitar, I am down to three chords. I’d like to have more Brazil in my life.