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3 girls, 1 slow
0'30", 480k



Background Man: grandfather...
Girl 1: My brother always goes, to little kids [who have the hiccups], "Try and hiccup"'  He goes,"'try and do it one more time!"
Girl 2: I'm always- Whenever M???, like, gets the hiccups, I'm like, "Okay, I'll pay you five cents for each hiccup" and it always makes her stop.  It's so funny.
Girl 1: Does it really?  That's great.
Girl 2: She get's so pissed.  She's like "Oh-"'
Girl 1: She goes to Shaker doesn't she?
Girl 3: Wait... When she gets the hiccups... you say you'll pay her for 'em?  ...And she stops?  I'd keep goin'!
Girl 2: I know but like the point is, you try to keep going but...
Girl 3: Ohhh...
All girls laugh.
Girl 3: Oh. Oh. Okay.
Three girls talking at a coffee shop on the east side of Cleveland, OH about how to "cure" hiccups.  This is one catch snagged during a week of surreptitious recordings by the artist in an attempt to dragnet products from the world.

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