Invention and Discovery

Interactivity was invented in 1989 by a college student.  He never got paid anything for it.*  But the world was rewarded.

Now, thanks to the beauty of modern interactivity, is thankfully able to introduce to you, a thing that's interactive.

The thing can change your life.  This interactive thing does not offer any promises, but you are sincerely assured that it can change your life.  Additionally, this interactive attraction offers a unique twist on sincere life-changing assurances.  The twist is described in the next paragraph.

The twist to which reference is made in the preceeding paragraph is this: instead of changing your life forever (like dianetics, avon, anarchism, doctorates, hedonism II, the east, vegan people), the interactive attraction offers to change your life for a safe, finite, experimental period.  So you can briefly visit this "new" life, return from it, and decide later, at your convenience if you wish to return.

With the interactive (though sadly not multimedia) attraction being profferred here you can not only have your life changed, not only can you have it immediately reverted at no expense, but (and this is where the interactivity comes in) you can change other people's lives!  Not only is this amazing, but it's true.

So without further ado, below are the instructions.

Change your life Change someone else's life
Click on the blue words that say "magic link" and you will see a list of unknown length.  The list lists activities in which almost any person may engage.  Each of them has been recommended as a life-changing experience.**  The person wishing to change their life need only select a single activity from the list and engage in that activity.  When the activity is complete they will automatically be returned to their previous life, just about right where they left off.  Reengage as necessary. If you know what a a syllable is, and you know how many three is, and you are still reading this, then chances are you can change someone's life.  Want to give that person's life a change?  Well then let's go!  Just add your 3-syllable recommended activity to the list. will apppreciate it.   But more importantly, the people whose lives you change will appreciate it.***



* Although the student never made any money directly through his invention of interactivity, he was indirectly rewarded only a couple years later when a new discovery was made which promised (though it still has yet to made good on the promise) to amplify the potential of interactivity, just as it promised that interactivity would amplify the potential of this new discovery.  That discovery is "multimedia".

** Each of them is also composed of three syllables, and is in the english language.

*** Statistically speaking, some of them will appreciate it.